CR-260, 6 Volt Crown Deep Cycle Commercial Battery


260 AH Deep Cycle Commercial Battery. BCI Group GC2HCrown

  • Used in golf car and floor scrubber applications
  • Best Fit for Bad Boy Buggies
  • 12 Month Free Replacement



Product Dimensions

Length (inches) 10.25
Width (inches) 7.06
Height (inches) 11.63
Weight (Lbs) 72
Power Rating
Voltage 6
Reserve Capacity Minutes @ 75 AH 150
Amp Hours (5 Hr Rate) 215
Amp Hours (20 Hr Rate) 260
BCI Group Size GC2H
Manufacturers Part Number CR-260
Battery Type Flooded Lead Acid-Deep Cycle
Terminal Type Dual Automotive/ Stainless Threaded Terminal
Core Unit Value 1.5
Manufacturer Warranty
Free Replacement Period 12 Months

Price: $134.99

Brand: CROWN
Type: Deep Cycle Commercial Battery
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